Is it challenging to make a profit online?

Communication and marketing area lives in the breach. A number of traditional medias are struggling with the profitability issue. Customers and businesses have moved much further in electronic channels. However, you should know how to work with these electronic channels right.

Newspapers' profitability has declined, and the breach has rocked the entire media industry. One of the reasons for that lies in the decreased advertising sales of media. Companies do not market their products in traditional ways anymore, but they are looking for the new forms of activity that will create move value for their investments. More and more often electronic channels are applied in the working environment.

"Electronification" of marketing and sales has been recognized since a long time. Therefore, the comment that "it is difficult for a commerce manager to make a profit online" makes you think about the operation challenges.

From the marketing and sales point of view, there are three problem fields of e-commerce.

Customer satisfaction is the problem of the marketing field. With which channels potential customers can be satisfied? Who are your potential customers? How do they behave?

Content creation is the second problem. What and how should be told about products and services? How to control the content creation as it should be of a good quality, up to date and addressed to the right target group?

Trade is facing challenges related to availability and transaction. In e-commerce or any other way to make purchases or reservations online, the process of making sales should be considered as the whole act for which the availability, logistics and payment methods, as well as information and money flows, set the boundary terms.

In addition to these soluble problems, companies and managers should also position themselves in e-business processes in such a way that it supports the company's own business and the achievement of objectives. Marketing and sales via electronic channels often work in different ways and are based on different roles of managers and the revenues from the "traditional" business.

E-channels are not the same as the wish box that resolves all the problems related to marketing and sales, and it does not work on its own. However, it is not that difficult for commercial managers to make a profit online, if the action plan is well-designed, and it supports the company's own core activities.