How does social media marketing create a cash flow for your company?

A company invests money in marketing, in this case, social and community services. Marketing campaigns can be created by another company specializing in digital marketing and promising to attract a lot of fans at low costs. A company’s own group pages in the large social communities are set up, the number of fans is increasing explosively and will soon reach tens of thousands of fans. However, sales figures do not change in the same manner, and groups’ walls also seem to be strangely quiet. What went wrong?

In the very beginning, it should be emphasized that in social media marketing small victories are easy to forget. Aggressive campaigns can achieve good results immediately, but in the long term it should be done by the moderate activity where goals and actions meet.

Social media marketing differs from other forms of marketing significantly. Differences can be reflected in the following issues:

Trust. Reliability of the media and personal privacy protection are the most important topics currently discussed in the social media cycle. It is a well-known fact that community services sell some personal information to the users for marketing purposes. This fact does not contribute to trust building at all. Ads popping up on the screen or an unknown user entering a group usually evoke suspicions. In order to build strong customer relationships, it is extremely important to win confidence and constantly maintain it.

Interaction. Social media channels involve the interaction of different tools, and it should be taken into consideration. One-way marketing communication methods do not work in social media. Community members are not just passive message recipients, they are also content creators and distributors. A functional interaction arouses the community members’ attention and interest. How do you make group members respond to your communications?

Commitment. Trust and interaction together create commitment. A fan entering a group feels like a part of it and dares to tell others about that.

What do these things mean in practice?

In social media marketing you should focus on quality rather than quantity. Marketing should be designed to attract the interest and commitment of those clients whose interests and consumption patterns are related. The point is that effective target marketing is important.

Social media marketing

The content of marketing messages and timing of communications should be aligned in the right way. Social media marketing is more about brand building rather than communication that rapidly affects customer purchasing decisions.

To sum up, it can be said that social media ROI is built up a longer period of time in comparison to many other marketing channels. However, its results are longer-lasting and more effective.