Branding in Russia

The importance of brand is higher in the Russian market than anywhere else. It can be explained by consumer uncertainty. Russian consumer markets have always faced the problem of piracy and products of inferior quality, and that is why customers are willing to pay a lot for a genuine product with a strong brand.

Foreign brands are more desirable because customers trust their quality more. For example, Finnish products are highly appreciated, and customers mostly purchase them in Finland, because then they can be sure in their authenticity.

The importance of foreign brands can be noticed in the streets in Russia as well. In the middle of Cyrillic characters, foreign brands stand out, and people have not even tried to translate them into Cyrillic. That is the reason why Russians have gained a strong reputation of people who highly appreciate foreign brands. And business and product reputation has risen throughout the brand philosophy in recent years.

What makes up business and product reputation then? In fact, a product or service itself is the most important. There must be enough available information about the product or service, and it should be known and interesting. In addition to this, other users' experiences and recommendations have a strong influence on Russian consumers.

Internet marketing is the most effective way to improve your reputation and thus strengthen the brand, to build a good customer service that provides additional value to customers, for example, managing open discussions, responding to questions, etc.

Efficient customer service can be also provided in social media networks such as VK. A company can create a group where the interaction and discussions take place. It is possible to leave messages and news on the wall, so that everyone can see them. In addition, each group has a customer database, so messages can be sent directly to group members.

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