E-marketing and social media in B2B sector

E-marketing and social media often provide great opportunities from consumer marketing point of view. A frequently asked question is “How can our company benefit from electronic marketing channels and social media, when our clients are other companies, not individuals?". Here are a few things that you should consider if your business serves the B2B sector.

1. Although companies are operating in the B2B sector, it is important to keep in mind that practitioners in your client companies are people who have exactly the same communication preferences, needs for information access, attitudes towards the service or the lack of it, etc. So, they play the same role as any individual consumer. By using digital channels you can enhance your company's communication with clients, develop services, market and distribute information more cost-effectively than with the use of traditional methods. A good example can be various expert blogs that act as professional discussion platforms for sharing information and building trust with partners.

2. Benefits of social media are undisputed in various co-operation activities, construction of networks and their maintenance. Electronic channels enhance the network information processes and create the sense of community. In other words, with a variety of community tools your company can achieve considerable savings and speed up the projects and order activities, for example, when a need for travel can be reduced.

3. Services and product marketing and visibility are important in the B2B sector as well as in the consumer sector. The question is where and how target audience can be reached, and what kind of impression and interest should be created. Electronic channels offer a diverse and dynamic option. CEOs of different companies surf the Internet looking for service providers, suppliers and partners in the same way as consumers do in order to make the best deals.

Brand building for the B2b sector on the Internet is a new trend, and good examples can be easily found. The creation of trustworthy brand electronically requires the use of appropriate channels in such a way that they make up the whole picture good, confidence inspiring and interesting for customers.

The examples used in this blog were from the U.S. In this sense, the Russian market and its electronic channels are still unexplored areas, although the market development and demand questions are being discussed. Who starts the game? Mediatalo Toimelias will assist you with a great pleasure!