Acquire Russian .ru-domain for your business

A company which is interested in the Russian market should equip itself with a Russian .RU domain name. Other alternatives can be .SU and .RF domains which are also Russian and worth buying.

Why should companies acquire Russian domains?

The first reason is related to the visibility on the Russian Internet. Russian search engines favour Russian domains. Russian language, regional locations and brands are the key things that influence algorithms for search results, for example, in Yandex.

The second reason lies in the trade made by domains, as they do have monetary value. If you own an eye-catching brand in Russia or you operate in an interesting business field, you can reserve special domain names for your business, products or services. Keep in mind, you may have to pay significantly higher amounts of money for these names in the future, if you want to use them for your own business later.

The most frightening scenario is, of course, when someone else takes an advantage of your company’s or your product's image for own purposes. This will take your visibility away, and consequently, damage your business activities in the Russian market.

Buying a Russian domain is easier than it is usually considered. Therefore, do not pay too much for nothing. Everyone can easily manage domain booking. For example, the RU-Center is a fast, easy and reliable route to acquire Russian domains. What is more important, the service is also available in English.

.RU domain costs in the RU-Center around € 20 per year, and redirection service is about € 5. In the RU-Center you can make a payment by a credit card, and you should not worry - this service is reliable.