Yandex is a key to your visibility in Russia dominates the Russian Internet. Its market share is about 60 per cent of Russian Internet users. The second most used search engine following Yandex is a Russian version of Google. Users of these search engines slightly differ from each other. Google is more for business people and students, and popular Yandex users, in turn, are the "typical Russians."

This difference is also reflected in the search words used for the search engines. Google is used to retrieve information about different things, while Yandex is applied for a variety of commercial services, information concerning everyday chores and consumption.

It should also be mentioned that Yandex is not just a search engine. It is a channel that offers a wide range of Internet-based services, for example, maps, music, money, e-mail and traffic information services. Therefore, it is more natural to talk about Yandex as an electronic channel, not just a search engine service.

Yandex is absolutely a Russian channel. It was launched in the beginning of 90's by the Russian Language Institute. Yandex search engine algorithm is based on Russian language, its grammatical cases, hyphenation, semantics, as well as the Cyrillic script. Therefore, the logic of the search results is different from the western search engine service. To be successful in the search engine such as Yandex, the marketer is supposed to be a master in the Russian language and its meanings.

Yandex marketing service called Yandex Direct is the best way to implement Internet marketing in the Russian market. Search keywords, ad themes and other marketing activities can be directed to special target groups (e.g. towns where ads are displayed) and based on the display time, the amount of displays and the campaign’s duration.

Conducting campaigns in Yandex is quite affordable. For example, costs per click in keyword marketing are about € 0,25-0,35.

Creating advertising campaigns in Yandex can be done easily. Although this is a Russian channel, you can get a customer service in English. But for sure, the marketing expert with a good knowledge of the Russian language is the best choice, because even if the process of buying keywords and banners in Yandex can be successfully managed in English, an ad creation, targeting and keywords definition should be handed to the experts.

So, if you are interested in the Russian market and Yandex particularly, then please contact us!