VKontakte as a marketing tool - part 3

The effectiveness of VKontakte as a marketing channel is based on the increasing number of users, ease of use, its speed of communication, and the sense of community.

One of the most effective ways to turn the above-mentioned properties into your advantage is to organize a competition between VK users. You can create an effective product or service marketing campaign in order to build your company's brand, increase the number of group members and arouse interest towards your company (get visitors to the webpage).

We have carried out this kind of competitions for many of our clients. Prizes are usually different devices, e.g. tablets, because they are considered as attractive products for Russian shopping tourists. The competition lasts for one month, and the competition post is marketed with the use of different VK marketing tactics depending on the client’s budget available. In general, it is possible to attract many participants in a short period of time.

In the picture you can see the competition post example

Helsingin Sanomat VKontakte

The competition rules are the following: the participant is supposed to become a member of the group and share the competition post with friends.

As a result, the competition post can improve the visibility of your company’s VK profile and website due to the link included in the post. What is more important, this visibility is not just a banner, but a recommendation received from VKontakte friends.

So, a competition can be an effective tool of gaining your company’s visibility in VKontakte, and Mediatalo Toimelias Oy is ready to organize this kind of competition for you and tailor it to your customer's needs.