VKontakte as a marketing tool - part 1

VKontakte is the Russian most popular social networking service. It is also called a "Russian Facebook". Facebook has roughly 9 million users in Russia, while domestic analogue VK has around 43 million of active Russian users. This proves the power of this channel in the Russian market. Its significance is also increased by the fact that VKontakte is a fast-growing channel in the Russian-speaking area.

The structure of VKontakte reminds the structure of Facebook. VKontakte users are all logged in, so each user has own profile page. What is more, it is possible to create group pages in order to gather fans. Groups can be either open to all VK users or require membership applications handled by group administrators. The company can build its own "official page" as well, so followers can get directly to its profile and posts.

Just like Facebook, VKontakte is a good marketing channel for products and services. VKontakte allows companies to gain great visibility on the Russian Internet easily and attract customers that are interested in their services. What is more important, customers can market companies they like to their friends and relatives. This social nature of VKontakte makes marketing activities effective, because it is easier for people to click links received from acquaintances than just ads.

Here are a few good reasons to apply Vkontakte as your marketing channel:

  • VKontakte is the third largest website in Russia
  • VKontakte allows you to target marketing activities more effectively than in keyword or banner marketing
  • VKontakte marketing is affordable (often free of charge)
  • VKontakte marketing is based on viral marketing. Testimonials received from relatives and acquaintances influence Russian consumers' purchasing decisions more than, for example, in Finland
  • VKontakte marketing is easier than, for example, Yandex keyword marketing
  • VKontakte is a young, dynamic and rapidly growing channel

A company that performs or plans to start its marketing activities in Russia should definitely use VKontakte as one of its marketing channels. Just like Facebook in Finland and in Europe, VKontakte is an effective way to bring traffic to your company and communicate with customers.This is a channel that none of the companies can pass by.