Take care of your conversion rate!

The performance of marketing actions is measured by conversion rate. High conversion rate means that the marketing has reached its target with high percentage. For example, if the objective of Internet marketing is to create traffic to the website of the company, conversion rate measures, how many clicks there have been and how this number is related to the set objective of marketing.

Usually, the target of marketing is to increase sales of the company. This should not be a surprise for anyone. Thus, the conversion rate of marketing consists from the number of sales in relation with the marketing actions. The more sales marketing can generate, the better conversion rate it has.

Are things that easy? More traffic on the website is expected to lead into more sales. Unfortunately, things are not so simple.

The conversion rate of Internet marketing is dependent on several things, such as focusing marketing campaigns, customer segmentation, timing, attractiveness of the product, availability of the product, easiness of the purchase, price etc. All these factors influence the conversion rate of marketing and therefore have to be taken into account when planning and launching Internet marketing campaigns.

The essence of Internet marketing should be in creation of a situation when a customer simply can’t resist the product and is able to get it as easy as possible.

Therefore, Internet marketing should be seen as a process, not just as a collection of launched campaigns. Development of marketing means understanding of consumer behaviour, productizing, monitoring results of the campaigns and development of marketing actions.

As a result of long lasting development, we can improve our conversion rate and reach better goals in our business.