Differences between Yandex.ru and Google.ru

Previously in this blog we mentioned about special features and differences between Yandex and Google search engines. The example of search engine marketing campaigns carried out in Yandex.ru and Google.ru advertising online programs is presented below. It is possible to learn and make management decisions about Russian Internet marketing by monitoring and analyzing the results of these campaigns.

We carried out campaigns for one of our clients and in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords Internet advertising services. We focused our marketing on economic zone of St. Petersburg, Moscow and the entire Finland. Campaigns’ overall budget was 620 euros and it was split between Google AdWords (140€) and Yandex.Direct (480€).

The campaigns were launched on 19.4. and the statistics that is presented in the example below stands for 2.5.

The marketing idea was to take advantage of the oncoming Ice Hockey World Championship tournament and provide good product for the fans of ice hockey. Product consisted of: luxury accommodation near Helsinki and tickets for the Ice Hockey World Championships.

The results of the campaigns were the following:

Google AdWords: 242 313 impressions, 1082 clicks, CTR (click through rate) 0,45% and PPC(price per click) 0,13€.

Yandex.Direct: 136 644 impressions, 5375 clicks, CTR (click through rate) 3,93% and click price PPC(price per click) 0,12€.

Even though there was a huge difference in the amount of shows and clicks (and consequently in the CTR) between the channels, the click prices were very similar due to the pricing policies of the channels.

Remarkably high CTR in Yandex.Direct very probably has led to the good conversion rates. In this case it means that customers were purchasing case company’s product.

Yandex-marketing success was based on the following factors:

  • Good product: combination of accommodation and match tickets made a good package that appealed to people.
  • Good timing: the campaign based on the Ice Hockey World Cup Championship was a good idea in the period, when the anticipation of the games is rising in Russia.
  • Successful segmentation: as it was mentioned in the previous blog, Yandex.ru is a genuine Russian channel. In this case Russianness meant those “patriotic” ice-hockey fans searched for the information concerning Ice Hockey World Cup Championship through Yandex.ru This peculiarity helped the campaign to find it’s right audience.
  • Changing the strategy: the allocation of the adverts was switched from the guaranteed places to the first premium places, which meant higher price rates. However, it was worthwhile since it lead to the significant increase in the amount of clicks and hence to the higher CTR. Google.ru obviously lost this competition due to its users’ profiles. Product in Google.ru didn’t reach the audience with the same intensity as in Yandex.ru.

This case is a good example of differences between Russian search engines. Yandex is originally Russian channel and to do marketing there, it is necessary to take that fact into consideration. Google is not a bad choice for marketing in Russia, but there you need to have different kind of product and timing.