Do you know your company’s visibility in Russian Internet channels?

You can do a test. Search in the most popular search engines of Russia: and These channels cover over 90 % of Russian Internet market. Use Russian words, written in Cyrillic letters. If you can’t write in Russian, get the words used in search engines from Google translate or install free Google Chrome browser to your computer.

Check the results of your tests. If you can’t find your company, products or services from the first page of search engine results, you have to do something.

By using following methods you can improve visibility of your company in the Russian Internet:

  • Search engine marketing is an effective way to improve your position in Russian search engines. You can buy keywords from the Russian search engines and base a marketing campaign with a cost around 0,20 and 0,80 €/click (depending on the used search engine). The challenge of the campaigns is that you have to know correct keywords your customers use. Thus, you have to know your target group well.
  • Search engine optimization. Russian Internet page alone does not guarantee excessive success in Russian search engines. The structure and the content of web page have to be optimized in order to follow algorithms used by search engines at the best.
  • Be presented in various channels. The more channels your company uses, the better Internet visibility it has. There are very many options for your company to operate in Russian online and social media channels. Of course, used channels should be popular among your target group as well.

If your test with Russian search engines proves that your Russian Internet visibility needs to be developed, contact us. Good results can be reached very fast.